Top Ten offers a wide variety of Fundraising ideas and programs to meet your school’s financial needs and goals.  Top Ten even provides all the promotional materials and catalogs you’ll need to make your fund raising program a success!
No matter if it’s a student Christmas Store or a Catalog Sale, or the convenient DeskTop Prepackaged School Supplies program, Top Ten has you covered.  
From our Customer guarantee on all products, free prizes and reasonably priced quality items there’s no risk to your school!  
We have programs to suit every group:
High School/Middle School
For High School fund raisers, including Band, Clubs or Cheerleading, Top Ten recommends  a specialty brochure or Cookie Dough matched with an awards program like our Locker Full of Prizes program,  or  Galaxy of Prizes program.
Elementary School
This is the level where Top Ten really shines and you will too.  Parents and students will appreciate our high quality products like American Greetings Gift Wrap, Geneva Chocolates and unique gift items available in our Catalogs. Our new rewards programs offer the kind of prizes and benefits that will really get our students motivated and make more money for your school.
DeskTop Prepackaged School Supplies is an easy way to provide quality School Supplies to your students while saving your parent’s valuable time.

Work that into our amazing Mega Magic Event Party program and your sales are sure to more than meet your expectations.  Elementary Schools are also a good market for our Holiday Fair Christmas Store.  The Holiday Fair is even better this year with the new Tray/Bin pack system, allowing a minimal staff to setup the program and run it easily and quickly.  All of our Direct Sale programs like Cookie Dough and Candy are still very effective at this level as well.

Outside of School
Top Ten doesn’t just do school programs.  We also can help out clubs, daycare, church groups and Little League teams.  Our Mega Party makes a great carnival program for any occasion.
Contact us and find out what we can do for your group today!